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bundled together. giver. II + love language. II
the second installments of both series.

giver. II

beautifully designed and bound book filled with loving words. poems. reminders. soul roses. for givers. for you. to breathe in and breathe in some more.

giver. n.

1) a selfless soul unwilling to limit their love and heart; 2) one who lets out and lets in emotions unconditionally, freely; 3) an unrequited human who surrenders all that is available to them in the name of love; 4) soul for giveness; 5) purposeful lover always in a state of thinking about what others need; 6) a reacher, longing, seeking connection.

173 pages.

love language. II

155 lessons. to hold you. to push you. to remind you. to heal you. words for a time of deep reflection through the lens of love. speaking love. being love. feeling love. giving love. to self. to others. to others. love language. a calling into. an open invitation. to breathe in. and breathe in again. )adrian michael's 14th self-published title(.

175 pages.