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loamexpressions (2012) $15.00

A compilation of poems and narrative experiences recorded chronologically over a three year time period. This personal and revealing journey takes the reader into my mind and the bouts I have had with the human condition.

Giving insight to the past, present, and future, loamexpressions unveils raw emotion with the intent to share a story that is still being written.

Every poem has a distinct meaning and carries with it memories that kept me up most nights. The healing power of writing allowed me to clear my head and lay my thoughts down and the pieces in the book characterize me as a man. These true stories paint a vivid picture into the life of who I am and the journey I take you on reveals unlocked secrets that have never been told. loamexpressions is a book about coming to know yourself and allowing others to see one’s growth along the way.

// adrian michael's first self-published title