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notes from a gentle man,
blooming hearts, and lovehues

book descriptions:

gentle man:
love. you may not believe in it, love may have been exiled and abolished, but it’s there, waiting to be asked to dance again. you can’t give what you don’t have nor can you catch what you don’t see, but love is a hopeful dream with eyes wide open. i thought love didn’t exist, that it had died, but it rested patiently, dormant and quiet, for me to bring it back to life. and that has to be true for you, too. you have to revive it for yourself. try looking at love differently, redefine it. perhaps love can be anything you want it to mean.

notes from a gentle man. a journal. a space for you to critically think about the relationship with yourself and others. after each passage there are reflective questions. respond with your soul.

blooming hearts:
at various stages in life we reach tipping points, cross roads flanked with obvious signs and guide posts. it is the manner in which we observe these stages that sharpen or distort the path we choose. most often we turn to others to interpret experiences, to help analyze what it is we are actually going through, to make sense, seek approval, and then continue. but what happens when the voice of others is absent? who do we turn to? sometimes our cross roads have too many intersections and our tipping points can feel unbearable. daily we find ourselves facing challenge. if we can commit to taking time to return to our breath and speak positively, our minds open up, our souls open up, and our hearts bloom.

blooming hearts is a collection of poetic loving speech, mantras, and affirmations to take with you along the journey with yourself, to yourself, and for yourself. calmly recite short beautiful phrases like, “water me, even if the sun droughts your well” and “the lover in me honors the lover in you” to yourself and others. practice fluency in the language of love to help navigate daily life, tipping points, and cross roads.

we may talk as if love wasn’t messy but in its fullness it is chaotic and has sharp edges, pricking and prodding our insides to remind us that it can be taken away if forgotten.

lovehues (stylized as l o v e h u e s) is an open love letter that showcases the ebbs and flows of a relationship. its honest poetry and prose go deep into waves of emotion; hitting moments of comfort, calm, restraint, turbulence, gratitude, joy, separation, content, happiness, fear, anger, heartbreak and everything in between.

l o v e h u e s will take you on a roller coaster journey that switches gears with no warning or apology. for to truly love and be loved, one must be able to reveal and see all shades of themselves.