if you still have questions regarding your book order after reading the following information please send all inquiries to and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience within 48-72 hours.

the book you are looking for

books I + II of that book you are looking for are out of print under that title as of august 2021.

books I + II are under a new titled callled, "love hopes for you."

book III was just published under the new title in august of 2021.

love hopes for you. I + II + III are all now available for purchase. xo.

media mail + domestic tracking

all domestic orders are shipped via media mail and depending on your location can take 7-12 days to get to you. if you require a faster shipping speed please send additional $5 to venmo account @lovaste and leave a note in the checkout instructions for 2-3 day priority mail.

you should have received an email that reads "exciting news - your order is on its way!" with a tracking number below. please allow 1-3 days for it to update as it takes time for the post office to scan in the packages for it to update from carrier to its final destination. you can click the tracking number or visit the usps website to track your package.

lost packages by the carrier (usps) should be handled by you personally to file a ticket/claim for them to look into it. once the package is labeled and handed off to the carrier our shop can only provide the tracking number which will already be sent to you via email once shipped but give us an email to keep in touch as we want to make sure your package gets to you. if determined as delivered but you did not receive you must file a claim with usps (sometimes it will say delivered and still take a few days to properly get to you, we are not liable for delivered packages (said with love) that don't actually make it. if in stock we can happily discuss a product to be reshipped at a discounted price to you.

international tracking

the united states postal service (usps) that we use to ship all packages only track from sender to the final destination in the united states and canada. all others the package only tracks to customs. once it arrives to customs we are unable to track its progress and that "tracking number" is simply the customs number. try contacting your local postal service prior to contacting us. due to covid the delays and shipping speeds can take 2-4 weeks if not longer to reach you. normally packages should get to you within 5-7 days.

if you ordered from canada you can track your package by visiting

return + refund policy

if a package is returned (addressee unknown / no mail forwarding / unclaimed / etc.) we will send a note to the email on the order and request postage due and postage amount to re-send. if within US that fee usually is an additional $10. international fee depends on country but expect charge to range between $30-65 USD.

refunds are only recognized for the following reasons: if package hasn't already been shipped and reason is discussed with us (the merchant) and customer due to extenuating circumstance or no longer interested in the order. if package was mislabeled by the merchant and is our mistake and the order was needed by a certain date a refund or replacement can be discussed at no cost to you. 

all sales are considered final given that many books (for example) are shipped with a personalized message with names inside goods that can't be sold if returned.